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Ron Trent @ Chicago House Music Festival + Detroit Music Festival

Join me in my birthday celebration this weekend at the Chicago House Music Festival and Detroit Music Festival! Click on fliers below for more information.

Ron Trent Features In Wax Poetics' Travel Series Premiere 'Soul City - Episode 1: Chicago'

Watch my interview as part of the first episode of a new travel series by Wax Poetics, exploring the musical heritage of selected cities. 

"Ronnie Reese explores his home town of South Side, Chicago, first visiting with Todd Mayfield, son of soul icon Curtis Mayfield and writer of the new biography "Traveling Soul" (which was co-authored by Wax Poetics writer Travis Atria). They talk about Curtis's desire to own his own work, which led to starting the record label Curtom. In the second segment, Reese meets with Chicago house icon Ron Trent, where they talk about his rise through the local and international scene, which culminated in cofounding his own label, Prescription Records. In the epilogue, we pop into the (Discogs) Crate Diggers record fair and speak to cofounder Zernell Gillie, as well as chat with Ron Trent again about the joys of record digging." 

J Dilla: The Ethereal Master of MPC3000

J Dilla is undoubtedly one of the most influential producers of the 21st Century. His legacy of iconic beats served the backdrop for countless hip hop giants with the likes of Slum Village and Tribe Called Quest. His his solo releases such as 'Donuts' and remixes had just as much impact, so much so that his body of work in his short but productive 32 years is widely deemed as an unspoken gold standard among hip hop producers and beyond.

Coming from a musical background, J Dilla's innate understanding of the the natural groove revolutionalized how an electronic sampling machine could be used to reinterpret music; ensuring that the organic sensibilities of live instrumentation is reimagined in a contemporary format without the loss of (and in most cases amplified) the soulful essence of the original. 

Here is a great tribute video to the artistry of the great James 'J Dilla' Yancey.

(Words by Hsiao-Lan Liu)

For Those Of You Who Did Not Hear It The First Time...Casual Conversation With Francois K Video

Here is the edited video for your viewing. Though this was done out of courtesy to my fans and was not really a planned FB event, the information is valuable and rare. 

Francois is a wealth of knowledge and is a beacon to the landscape of the roots of underground and even commercial music today.

He happen to be in NYC in a special time when the connectivity of the underground music scene and the commercial radio were working together. FK has worked with some of our most legendary acts and recordings of our time. 

"Go Bang" is just one of them. 


'Ticket ToThe Warehouse - Music & Art Installation' (Detroit Edition)

Less than a few days to go, Detroit peeps! Make sure you don't miss this very special occasion in celebrating 40th anniversary since the doors of the Warehouse opened in Chicago and changed the music world forever. 

Click here for ticket and event info.

See you on the dancefloor!

'Ticket To The Warehouse - Music & Art Installation' (Detroit Edition) Flyer

An email came today...

Dear Ron,

I am writing to you today to thank you greatly for sharing such inspirational words on your CDR interview. I have been very moved by all the advice you shared on this and its given me countless encouragement to follow my heart and to create music with all the challenges life throws at you.

Ron Trent CDR Berlin -

“What fuels this is the emotion, the emotional content”

If I was a writer, 

I would have a pen. 

I would write down what I feel, 

I would try to communicate and articulate with the best words that I could possibly use to get you to understand exactly where I’m coming from.


Same things happens when you're creating.

You find the best sound that will articulate where your coming from emotionally and you write that down with whatever instrument you have.


That is the focus.

And wanting to see it all the way through.


If I was a painter, 

I would have paint,

Have colours .

My idea would be to communicate with these colours, my message or what I’m feeling at that time.


The things is …. is to get back into yourself…

Use that as the driving force

Using your skill level as in terms of techonogly to be able to articulate that.

Thats my process.


I have something in my head, something in my heart and I put it down.

Ron Trent 

May 5th 2014


Thank you kindly for all the inspiration,



Write here...


Essential attendance on Friday 15th July 2016 at the Stony Island Arts Bank if you are a scholar or simply a fan of club culture. In honour of Frankie Knuckles, this is a rare event exploring disco music and its influence on house music and club culture with some of the protagonists of the era from both NYC and Chicago. Limited capacity so early arrival is advised.