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An email came today...

Dear Ron,

I am writing to you today to thank you greatly for sharing such inspirational words on your CDR interview. I have been very moved by all the advice you shared on this and its given me countless encouragement to follow my heart and to create music with all the challenges life throws at you.

Ron Trent CDR Berlin -

“What fuels this is the emotion, the emotional content”

If I was a writer, 

I would have a pen. 

I would write down what I feel, 

I would try to communicate and articulate with the best words that I could possibly use to get you to understand exactly where I’m coming from.


Same things happens when you're creating.

You find the best sound that will articulate where your coming from emotionally and you write that down with whatever instrument you have.


That is the focus.

And wanting to see it all the way through.


If I was a painter, 

I would have paint,

Have colours .

My idea would be to communicate with these colours, my message or what I’m feeling at that time.


The things is …. is to get back into yourself…

Use that as the driving force

Using your skill level as in terms of techonogly to be able to articulate that.

Thats my process.


I have something in my head, something in my heart and I put it down.

Ron Trent 

May 5th 2014


Thank you kindly for all the inspiration,



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