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For Those Of You Who Did Not Hear It The First Time...Casual Conversation With Francois K Video

Here is the edited video for your viewing. Though this was done out of courtesy to my fans and was not really a planned FB event, the information is valuable and rare. 

Francois is a wealth of knowledge and is a beacon to the landscape of the roots of underground and even commercial music today.

He happen to be in NYC in a special time when the connectivity of the underground music scene and the commercial radio were working together. FK has worked with some of our most legendary acts and recordings of our time. 

"Go Bang" is just one of them. 



Essential attendance on Friday 15th July 2016 at the Stony Island Arts Bank if you are a scholar or simply a fan of club culture. In honour of Frankie Knuckles, this is a rare event exploring disco music and its influence on house music and club culture with some of the protagonists of the era from both NYC and Chicago. Limited capacity so early arrival is advised.