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'Master Plan Presents: Melting Pot Re-Edit 2017' Exclusive Digital Release

Ron Trent releases his latest Music And Power online exclusive track, 'Melting Pot Presents: The Master Plan Re-Edit 2017'. I sat down with the producer to talk about this new release.

"Back in 2009, I released 'The Master Plan - Tribute to Obama' as a celebratory tribute to the man,", says Ron Trent.  "It was a time of elation, a time for change." The release of the original tribute track came after the tumultuous 8 years of George W Bush in office that had seen the second Iraq war and the financial crisis. Obama's victory signified a new beginning, that a charismatic African-American man of integrity, known for his community activism, had become the Chief-In-Command. In his 8 years at the White House, Obama has proven his track record by bringing the US economy back from the red, establish the Affordable Healthcare Act and, with his wife Michelle, become role models whom people from all backgrounds aspires to around the world. 

As we see the Obamas leave the White House gracefully and enter a new life as civilians, what is the reason behind re-editing a track that harked back to the beginning of the Obama era? "I re-edited this track to symbolize the ending of Obama's two terms in office and leaving in grace", says Ron, "however our current president begins his term in chaos. Where he has been a successful businessman, I've never looked at him as a political figure. Coming from a Pan-Africanist background, I know that anything is possible when it comes to the world's politics and history not being on the right side of things. This piece of music represents a staff of historical pertinence and legacy, since art is supposed to be a representation of the pulse of the times and tell stories.  I wanted to re-approach the track sonically with new elements to signify the revival of the track, and also represent elements of a march echoing the protests that we are seeing today".

'Master Plan Presents: Melting Pot Re-Edit 2017' is exclusively available through Music And Power online digital music store on Gumroad, to purchase the track in WAV format click here

(Interview by Hsiao-Lan Liu)