Powerful music makes way for CLASS.... Learn it

   Great music to start the day! This song has a special place me in my life. This is a part of my personal sound track pre 911. Listening back to this tune I would like to say it capsulated the pulse of the city of NYC where I was living at the time. I spent a lot of time outside of my own weekly residency at Shine nightclub located on west canal doing Giant Step weekly sessions on thursdays at parties like the Shelter and Body&Soul on the weekends. Myself and other major players Timmy Regisford of the Shelter, Body& Soul Dj's Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, and of Course the creator of this tune Louie Vega had a musical fabric of understanding with each other. We all listened to each other and got inspired to play or create music based upon the inspirations. This made for a valuable situation, especially when it came to breaking new music. This is not a new methodology but a methodology indoctrinated from older ethos of what being a DJ is about. Maybe a topic for another post.... This song is one of those masterpieces we collectively championed right on into the millennium before and after its release to the public. It remains to this day a classic.  

   The combination of Josh Milan's vocals and Louie's production skill makes for a powerful work of art. This song is both musical and inspirational which is what the spirit of dance music and "special" dance institutions are about. In being in the music business as a Dancer, DJ, and Producer for many years I have been afforded the opportunity to see music change lives and keep some alive. It is the medicine. The PRESCRIPTION.