Welcome to my world as a musician and curator, where I embark on exhilarating projects that redefine the boundaries of sonic exploration.

With my team we shake up and defy the norms in the music industry by embracing a spirit of rebellion and revolution. We seek to completely transform sonic experiences, defying conventional expectations and inspiring audiences worldwide. We push limits, evoke deep emotions, and create a lasting impact in the realms of music and art.

Embedded in the core of our vision lies a dedication to authenticity, fueling creative innovation, and embracing professionalism, all while honoring the historical preservation of our influences. These values permeate every aspect of our work, serving as our guiding beacon. By upholding these principles, we ensure that our deliverables consistently exceed expectations, resonating deeply with our fervent audiences.

Bill Bernstein, Paradise Garage Dancefloor, 1979

With three decades of global engagement, we have witnessed firsthand the magnetic power of music to unite people, celebrate diversity, and ignite positive societal transformations. By cultivating inclusive and safe spaces for music and art to flourish, we have witnessed the profound impact they have on individuals and communities alike.

Our team has been at the forefront of pioneering various creative approaches to inform, share, and preserve the cultural fabric of music. We believe in expressing the narratives and stories that drive the force behind music and other artistic mediums, which are deeply connected to the heart of cultural movements worldwide.