Welcome to the world of Music and Power by international DJ and music producer Ron Trent, where you can engage with the culture of music through footage, videos, music downloads and merchandise.

Ron Trent is best know for founding the legendary Prescription Records, Future Vision, Electric Blue Recordings, and his latest imprint, Music and Power.  Aside from his day job as a veteran DJ and music producer, Ron Trent is an avid audiophile. Nowadays in modern-day clubland, it is rare to find sound designers who are highly experienced behind the decks and as an engineer. Ron Trent is no exception in the pursuit of its perfection and execution.  Under 'Audio Fidelity', you can find his past and current projects setting up high fidelity club sound systems. 

Coming from a long line of musicians and DJs, Ron Trent has an expansive and eclectic knowledge of soulful and underground music: from blues, jazz and r&b; to funk, rock, punk and house. Over the years, he has become highly regarded and embraced internationally as a leading tastemaker of underground music. In order to preserve and perpetuate its essence to the new generation, Ron Trent has set up the SODA Foundation to ignite the preservation of the ethos of underground music culture, of which you can find further information on this website.

HiFi Brand Urban Apparel is the official merchandising line exclusively designed by Ron Trent and guest designers. Here you can find all designs available in men's and women's options in all sizes and various colours. International shipping is available for all merchandising purchased.